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On October 22nd, most 2nd, 3rd and 4th graders went to the Ottersbach venue to see a spooky play by Vienna’s English Theatre. There we met students from different schools and the four British actors, who were very friendly and chatted with us. After that, we were even more excited to see the play. 


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The play was about Sir Simon, a ghost who lived in Canterville Hall with Lord Canterville and the grumpy housekeeper Mrs Umney. Lord Canterville didn’t have a lot of money, so he had to sell the old manor. One day, Mrs Otis, a successful businesswoman and her children Virginia and Washington, came from the US to buy it. They wanted to destroy the manor and build residential houses instead. 

Sir Simon was not happy with their plans, so he tried to scare away the family. He realised that only Virginia and Washington were able to see him and they weren’t scared of him at all! They even became friends and Sir Simon told them a secret: After he had killed his wife, she had cursed him to live as a ghost forever, unless he could solve a riddle. It was a very difficult one though, and only with the help of the children, Sir Simon was eventually able to find the solution. 

They made Mrs Otis, who didn’t believe in ghosts, finally see him and they managed to find a key in an old shield. It was the key to a locked room at Canterville Hall, in which Sir Simon’s soul and the long-lost family jewels were kept. 

Sir Simon’s soul was set free and all that was left was his skeleton and the treasure chest. Lord Canterville used the jewels to buy back Canterville Hall and the Otis family returned to California, excited to tell everybody about what had happened during their stay in England. Virginia even decided to write a story, called Spooked

          by Class 3a & 3b students

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